Welcome to the Testimonials section of this site. People from all over the country (and some people from around the world) have been raving about the wonderful services the Jagadambes have rendered them over the years. Below, and on subsequent pages, are just a few of the many great things written about the Jagadambes’ unparalleled craftspersonship and excellent work. Without further hesitation…

Such exquisite beautiful work!!
Thank you a million times over!
I am gobsmacked at how wonderful you are!!
Thank you!


I just wanted to say that I received the Malas, and LOVE them, feel their healing energy already. Thank you for your beautiful work, again, and I look forward to many years of wearing these.

the mala arrived in it’s sweet little pouch
…beautiful beads!
superb workmanship!
smelling divine!

Thank you for such attention to detail…
I know each bead was specially selected, and you remembered Baba with love with each wrap of the wire…one can tell!
Such seva!

Just exquisite!
Thank you!


I have been out of town and just opened my package of beautifully repaired
malas. Thank you for taking such good care of them. They are very special to
Thank you.

Dear Jagadambes,
The beautiful mala arrived yesterday! It is beautiful and I already know that I will wear it with such joy. It feels so light when it’s on. It’s just what I was looking for.
Thank you so much.

Hi Jagadambes,

I received the mala and it’s beautiful! I know my aunt will love it.

Thanks so much,

You folks did beautiful work. Really.
I picked up my neck mala and it just fell perfectly into shape with no kinks.

Dear Jagadambes,

My mala arrived on Monday. It is so lovely, so beautiful, and
wonderfully fragrant. I do sense it’s energy and feel fortunate and
blessed to have it accompanying me along my spiritual path. Thank you
so very much.


Jagadambes, it’s just gorgeous. I felt like a little kid on her birthday when I received it in the mail. So special.
Thank you.
🙂 K

hi jagadambes!!!!!!!!

OMG! these malas are BEYOND BEAUTIFUL…..the double rudraksha is on my wrist now and i feel great!!!
thank you for the love and care you take in creating these auspicious works of love~

they are so amazing. the girls adored them! thank you.
Catherine R

I have received my malas and am very very pleased with everything. Thank You from the bottom
of my heart.

Wow! I got it back today and it looks so beautiful. You really did a lovely job.
All the best,

Hello ….your website is great and I will share it with people in our center, and others…I loved the info on the various stones, and yes, your work is gorgeous!
…Thanks again.

Dear Jagadambes,
Thank you so much for sending me the news of your website! It is soooooo beautiful. I’m very glad to be connected with you through the internet like this…It makes me feel wonderful to know that I can get my malas repaired or buy a new one from you so easily…you are a real Godsend with your service.

Hi L&M,
Just wanted to say thanks again for the mala. I LOVE it!!! Will definitely refer anyone who asks to your website!! Thanks!!!

Dear Jagads,
I got the mala and the rosary. They are both extraordinary! The rosary is much more beautiful than I had imagined it would be (quite a feat!) and the wrist mala is perfect. I can’t wait to give Sarah her rosary.
Best of love,

Dear Jagadambes,
I picked up my mala and you are right. It really is beautiful. Thank you for the quality of your work and for making my much used mala look and feel so great.

Wow, thank you so much! I received it yesterday and felt a burst of Shakti when I opened the envelope. It’s so beautiful, I feel it signifies a new level of joyous sadhana for me. Thank you.

I picked up the mala this morning right before starting class, perfect timing! Thank you so much, I’m so grateful for your service.
Sa prema (with love)

Thank you! It (her repaired mala) arrived Christmas Eve. It was my best Christmas present. I really missed having it. -KLF

And one of our personal favorites- a man looked and looked at each beautiful stone in a neck mala and at each link between and finally, as if he couldn’t believe his own eyes, exclaimed, “Do they still DO this by hand?”

I’ve received the mala, and it’s lovely. thank you so much. best, K

I greatly enjoyed the educational essay on the Rudrakasha Mala. Thank You!

I am eagerly anticipating receiving my mala!


received the gorgeous package today. what a blessing!
thank you so much for your beautiful work;
the double malas have double power- i feel your love devotion and energy- x2!!!

I have had my rare neck mala for at least 15(25)years now. It has never broken on me, and I wear it all the time. It’s a fantastic reminder of what is pure and spiritual in this world. Thank you both so very much for all the continuing great works you’ve provided my family–and myself–over the years. The Jagadambes’ work truly is unmatched. Thanks to the Jagadambes’ work I have been able to constantly reconnect with right self effort and grace.
Much Love and gratitude,

Hi Jagadambes—I just wanted you to know that my mala arrived safely. You did a wonderful job—it’s beautiful again! Thank you!”
Best regards,

Hello Jagadambes,
My mala is sooooo beautiful! It seems to sing when I touch it! Thank you for taking such care and special attention. I will be very careful and treat it with respect as you suggest….And, I send my gratitude and blessings for you both.

Received the beautifully done neck mala yesterday! Thanks so much for your infinite patience in this whole thing. I’m wearing the mala today, and its protection is strong and sweet.
With love,
– Dr. L

Hi Jagadambes, You are awesome! Thank you. I am so excited. My first mala! All these years I’ve used a japa ring. And, the amber necklace came from my mom so this is very special for me. Thanks so much!

Dearest Lucy and Martha,
What a wonderful rosary!!! You are very gifted. It is a joy to know I helped in any way to make this possible. May your New Year be profitable both materially and spiritually.
– Sr. P