Gemstone Lore

Mystery and History of Gems

Since the dawn of time human beings have been attracted to stones and have collected them, placed them in their homes, and worn them to protect and heal themselves, and to enhance their beauty.
Over the years, people have thought they noticed some consistent characteristics in their gemstones, for instance, stones such as Garnet, Coral and Carnelian appear to make the people who wear them more energetic and dynamic, more beautiful and even more socially acceptable.

Other stones and materials, like Turquoise, Amber and the Banded Agates are soothing when you are fatigued, stressed out or overworked.

When someone needs to make an important decision, the presence of Lapis, Aventurine or Blue Lace Agate can inspire clarity and a direction in harmony with creation.

What stones are right for you at any given time? How will you know which ones to choose? Please understand that it is our intention to provide you with information that will interest you and help you choose your gemstones. We are not in any way suggesting that you substitute this information for the advice of a qualified health professional. Ultimately, you are the final authority when it comes to the gemstones that resonate with your personality, your intentions, needs and desires. You can begin to get some ideas from the colors themselves.


Gemstones commonly associated with Astrological Signs:

Capricorn January Garnet, Onyx, Quartz

Aquarius February Amethyst, Lapis

Pisces March Bloodstone, Turquoise, Tourmaline

Aries April Diamond, Carnelian, Coral

Taurus May Emerald, Lapis, Agate

Gemini June Pearl, Crystal

Cancer July Ruby, Moonstone, Pearl

Leo August Peridot, Amber, Garnet

Virgo September Sapphire, Pink Jasper, Rhodochrosite

Libra October Opal, Garnet, Coral

Scorpio November Topaz, Garnet, Coral

Sagittarius December Turquoise, Amethyst, Malachite

Colors and their Healing Properties.

Red Red is an energizer. It can stimulate circulation, energize the senses, remove sluggish conditions, inertia and feelings of tiredness.

Orange Orange can help someone to feel optimistic and confident, and overcome fears. It can help people feel less anxious in social situations. It builds the lungs, removes cramps and muscle spasms.

Yellow Yellow uplifts the spirits, emphasizes the joy of living, aids in digestion. It is useful in counteracting depression.

Green Green promotes balance, security and stability. It promotes, in particular, the healing of the heart.

Blue Blue counteracts restlessness, promotes self-expression. It is cooling, reduces fever and inflammation.

Violet/Purple Violet promotes meditation and creative imagination, purifies and nourishes the blood and restores peace and calm.

Personality & Character

Agate You can give people security and protection. You are a people person.

Amber You are very warm and sensitive. You love nature, and are down to earth.

Amethyst You are spiritual, thoughtful, and intuitive. You know what you want. You can help other people get in touch with their faith.

Crystal You can relate to everyone. You are a natural healer and humanitarian.

Garnet You are everyone’s friend, considerate and sensitive to what is going on outside yourself. You are solid in your inner security and you communicate well.

Lapis You are a natural leader, and have good executive qualities. You appreciate intellectual stimulation.

Malachite You are strong, and your protection surrounds people. You are good at interpretation and synthesis.

Pearl You are loving and supportive, nurturing and discreet.

Tiger’s Eye You are sensitive and insightful, a good problem solver.

Turquoise You are lucky in love and fortune. You can relax your mind and see things clearly.

Gems and Health

Amber Reduces fluid retention, helps detoxify the urinary system, combats sore throats, and liver problems.

Amethyst Relieves headaches.

Bloodstone Stimulates the flow of energy for all healing, especially physical trauma.

Tiger’s Eye Reduces headaches and nervous spasms.

Malachite Prevents infection, aids fertility.

Turquoise Generally relaxes the body.

Coral Relieves throat and voice ailments, and balances physical endurance.

Crystals These are “all around healers”.

Garnet Corrects thyroid disorders.

Lapis Strengthens the physical body during spiritual awakening.

Pearl Promotes antibodies and fights infection. It also strengthens the mind and reduces negativity.

Rhodonite Restores physical energy, a rescue stone.

Tourmaline Helps in preventing lymphatic diseases, battles anemia.

Gems and Professions.

Accountant Turquoise Mental Relaxation

Airline Worker or Driver Malachite Protects against accidents

Professor Lapis Aids intellectual analysis

Artist Moonstone, Agate, Amethyst Increases self-love and expression. Stabilizes the imagination and inspiration. Stimulates intuitive abilities.

Athlete Carnelian Stimulates power.

Banker Aventurine Increases financial opportunities.

Councilors Crystal Clear communications.

Divers and water-workers Tiger’s Eye Provides underwater sight.

Doctors and Healers Crystal Stimulates warmth.

Educators Pearl, Moonstone Increases patience and sharing activities.

Executives Lapis, Moonstone, Blue Lace, Agate Increases wisdom and insight, inspires the heart and feeling tranquilizes and relaxes mind.

Creative Occupations Lapis, Crystal, Turquoise New ideas, encourages inspiration, and relaxes the mind.

Journalists Lapis, Carnelian Good Judgment, establishes form and organization.

Laborers Turquoise Protects from bodily harm.

Lawyers Lapis Problem solving.

Military Carnelian Physical Stamina

Ministers Amethyst Spiritual Clarity

Musicians Crystal Sensitivity to tonal vibrations.

Nurses Bloodstone Regulation of energy flow.

Psychologists Moonstone, Lapis Sensitivity to others, wisdom and good judgment.

Radio and TV workers Citrine, Turquoise, Crystal Energizes clearer communications, releases anxieties, increases vocal vibrations.

Salesperson Carnelian, Citrine Stimulates motivation, and increases energy for communication.

Secretary Malachite, Moonstone Stimulates clear thinking and sensitivity.

Singer Coral Strengthens the voice.

Telephone Worker Banded Agates Protection around electromagnetic energy.

In a job you don’t like? Rhodonite, Moonstone Rescues self-image, and enhances self acceptance.

Writer Lapis Improves intelligence.

Gems, Feelings and Emotions.

Loneliness Amazonite

Insensitive Moonstone

Overwhelming stress Amber

Over reactive to emotional stress Peridot

Lack of Intuitive Awareness Amethyst

Feeling Rejected Crystal

Need new opportunities Aventurine

Need self acceptance Rhodonite

Energy blocks Bloodstone

Fear of success Tourmaline

No energy Carnelian

Worry, Confusion Turquoise

Can’t see clearly Tiger’s Eye

Need more faith or hope Amazonite

Need physical stamina Coral

Spirits down Amber

Intolerant and unpopular Garnet

Need courage and stability. Carnelian

Need inner peace Malachite

Insecure Garnet

Judgmental Garnet

Need intuition Hematite

Nightmares Malachite